Following their successful two-week residency in Sook Oxford Street, we spoke with Freddie's Flowers to discover why the online subscription business decided to take 'physical space' to meet their customers IRL, and what is next for the brand. 

Sook x Freddie's Flowers

  Freddie’s Flowers was started in 2014 by the aptly named Freddie Garland in his mum and dad’s back garden in Wandsworth, London, with a a milk float for deliveries and a tent as a ‘warehouse’. The online subscription florist now has over 130,000 happy customers UK-wide - but despite this impressive figure there are still plenty of Freddie's Flowers to go round, as we discovered when the brand 'popped up' in Sook Oxford Street over two consecutive weeks in February.    A digital-first brand, Freddie's Flowers booked Sook Oxford Street with a simple goal of ‘signing people up [for subscriptions] right then and there’. But did it work for them? And why did the business choose Sook?

 Rustic roots

"We worked with Sook as we wanted try out an immersive experience, and see how videos and photos on the Sook digital screens would work and help with sign ups. Our brand image tends towards the more 'rustic look' so it was great to try something new."

In and out… and back in again soon 

"We really liked the quick set up and turnaround; using a Sook was simple and it was easy to get our visuals up. The ability to quickly turn it around was very valuable, and we are currently chatting about using Sook again soon - particularly the new Hammersmith site and St James Quarter in Edinburgh."

Sustainable Stories

As this interview is published as part of our sustainability focus, a note on Freddie's eco-credentials: Carbon neutral Freddie's Flowers operate a 'grow to order' model where growers only cut the flowers they need thereby significantly reducing waste. The brand's iconic delivery bikes complete two thirds of London deliveries, and their packaging is eco-friendly, prioritising recyclability and biodegradability wherever possible.


Visit Freddie's Flowers online, and click here to find out more about booking your sustainable space.

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