Freddie's Flowers

A 65% increase in retention rates with Sook

Display of Freddies Flowers in Sook Oxford Street during Freddies Flowers Pop Up

After multiple successful pop-ups in Sook's London spaces, we discover why online flower subscription business Freddie's Flowers is meeting its customers IRL.

Sook gives digital-first brands the opportunity to meet customers IRL, test physical retail, and build brand awareness - all while allowing them to retain a connection to their online roots with clever digital screens.

Online subscription brand Freddie's Flowers booked pop-up space with Sook with a simple goal of ‘signing people up [for subscriptions] right then and there’. But did it work for them? And why did the business choose Sook?

  • Freddie’s Flowers took space in the Oxford Street Sook for two consecutive weeks as a customer acquisition tool, a residency that was followed by time in 10 South Molton Street and Livat Hammersmith

  • Freddie’s Flowers brought in a large selection of their blooms, and made full use of the digital screens to show videos and images of their full offering.

  • Post-occupation Freddie’s Flowers reported their sales targets for the activation had been substantially exceeded - seeing a 65% higher retention rate of customers it met through Sook. The company says that face to face customers keep subscriptions on average for five boxes, compared to one box when customers have come through online marketing.

“As an ecommerce, subscription-based business, we wanted to see how the use of a physical immersive space would help to engage not just our current members but also reach a new market of customers face-to-face. We were thrilled with the results and the flexibility of the Sook space, which is why we are looking to the future of Freddie’s Flowers and the use of the Sook spaces across several different sites.” Freddie Garland, Founder of Freddie’s Flowers

Sook x Freddie's Flowers

 Freddie’s Flowers was started in 2014 by the aptly named Freddie Garland in his mum and dad’s back garden in Wandsworth, London, with a a milk float for deliveries and a tent as a ‘warehouse’. The online subscription florist now has over 130,000 happy customers UK-wide - but despite this impressive figure there are still plenty of Freddie's Flowers to go round, as we discovered when the brand 'popped up' in Sook Oxford Street over two consecutive weeks in February 2022, which was followed by further residencies in Sook South Molton Street and Sook Livat Hammersmith. 

Rustic roots

"We worked with Sook as we wanted try out an immersive experience, and see how videos and photos on the Sook digital screens would work and help with sign ups. Our brand image tends towards the more 'rustic look' so it was great to try something new."

In and out… and back in again 

"We really liked the quick set up and turnaround; using a Sook was simple and it was easy to get our visuals up. The ability to quickly turn it around was very valuable, and we are discussing using Sook again soon." John Hoyle, CEO and Founder of Sook, said: “Sook is truly for everyone. Freddie’s Flowers came with one objective; to engage with current members and sign-up new ones in a fast, visual and immersive way. Sook is just that. Using our digital screens and adaptable space we were able to help Freddie’s Flowers create a space that met its needs, whilst also keeping to the brands rustic brand identity.”

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Freddie's Flowers pop up, bouquets and sign at Sook in Oxford Street

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