Allan Saint-Maximin gifts Newcastle United supporters toys on Metrocentre visit

Newcastle United Winger Allan Saint-Maximin

Allan Saint-Maximin stunned a handful of young Newcastle United supporters by buying toys at a Metrocentre store. Hundreds of fans were able to choose one toy each as the Frenchman again showed his generous side.

A fortnight ago, Saint-Maximin gifted one match-goer a custom-made watch after the 2-0 win against Nottingham Forest. This was not unprecedented, as the 25-year-old has previously showered supporters with presents - and money - outside St James’ Park.

The Magpies’ maverick was in the Metrocentre to promote his card game, Helios, which launched earlier this year. Supporters were able to take pictures and receive signatures from the Newcastle talisman.

Ahead of the meet-and-greet, Saint-Maximin said: “I’m excited to return to Metrocentre for a one-day pop-up at Sook. Since I launched Helios in January, awareness is growing - but this event gives me an opportunity to showcase the game to people in person and get them excited about it. I’m expecting to see a lot of fans there, and hope to see avid card game enthusiasts too.”

However, nobody expected the winger to surprise his guests with toys after the event. Footage on social media captured young supporters overwhelmed with excitement as Saint-Maximin racked up the bill. Fans also praised the Frenchman on social media for his good deed.

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