Sook is committed to building a more sustainable retail real estate market by being the leading provider of sustainable experiential activation space in retail destinations globally.

Sook launched out of Zinc in 2019, a socially-driven tech accelerator backing companies that use tech solutions to solve pressing societal issues. We work to make sites in prime retail destinations accessible to all those who need it. 

Sook has created a fairer model for landlords to engage with brands and communities by providing a portal for local people to thrive and national businesses to engage on a hyperlocal basis in real life. 

Reusable fit outs

Sook has carefully considered and redesigned the traditional linear fit-out cycle where single-use bespoke fit-outs are created for one-off brands. Instead, Sook focuses on the whole life cycle of a fit-out to create a single space that can be made bespoke by multiple brands. 

This environmentally-conscious fit-out implements lean construction principles consisting of a modular design manufactured off-site with highly efficient material yields and construction processes. 

Specifically designed and developed to be used multiple times in multiple configurations removing waste and the need for additional investment. 


Accesible spaces

Dedicated to maximising social value, Sook’s pricing model has been specifically developed to provide SMEs, local, community and underrepresented businesses a premium platform to showcase their products and services with the aim of supporting the creation of local jobs for local people.

This low-cost access, helps to regenerate local economies and communities by supporting businesses to enter or transition back to physical space. 

Sook operates a revenue share model with property owners, encouraging them to remain active, by generating leads, assisting in marketing and promotion and engaging with brands who may take longer-term occupations within the space. By doing so Sook delivers competitive returns for property owners and provides an innovative solution for their retail portfolio, mitigating voids.