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portrait of CEO of sook John Hoyle in an office

Sook's Vision is Space to Connect.

Sook spaces are a portal to infinite in-real-life opportunities for your brand. Everything from product launches, influencer events, living adverts, PR events, live streaming, brand collaborations, and more; everything is possible in a Sook Space. From smaller, independent businesses through to global brands; we've hosted all sizes of business in our spaces.

We help bring brands to life. You'll find Sook spaces hosting everything from a pop-up nightclub for a global drinks brand, through to showcasing of the latest tech available on the market. Sook spaces are where independent artists exhibit and sell their work for charity, where influencers connect with their audiences at pop-up events, where PR stunts reach a new level, and where you can have a real-life advert for your brand.

Helping you to achieve your mission in business helps us to achieve ours. We believe the eco-system of businesses are all connected; nowhere is that more true than the UK high street. We are firm ambassadors of the idea that when one of us wins, we all win.

Sook's mission is to revolutionise the high street. We champion hyper-relevant consumer connection in the moments that matter. We partner with brands as an integral part of their omnichannel strategy, providing a portal to infinite, in-real-life experiences, at the intersection of physical and digital.

Founded by John Hoyle in 2019 from an empty restaurant in Cambridge, Sook now offers flexible, sustainable, digitally-enabled 'pop-up' space to any brand, business or community who needs it - whenever they need it - in prime retail locations.

Sook transforms empty shops into adaptive, ‘pop-up’ spaces. We do this by installing a modular digital fit-out, which occupiers can design and curate online. We remove the inefficiencies and cost of a traditional fit-out, saving your brand money and time.

If you're looking to get the most from your budget and want a cost-effective activation, let's talk! If you're a sole trader with an amazing product or service to share with the world, let us help you to connect with the people who matter to you. We can't wait to hear all about your vision!

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