How to... Take your business on tour with Sook

CEO John Hoyle getting a facia during Hydrafacial pop-up in Cambridge

Fancy taking your business on a 'retail roadshow'? Discover why brands are testing out new markets with Sook, and how its benefiting their businesses (and will do the same for yours).

The times, they are a-changing. Our high streets are undergoing a massive shift at the moment, and while consumers are finding their way in the online/offline world, so are brands. 

Here at Sook, we’re privileged to be at the forefront of an experimental wave, where businesses, big and small, are dipping their toe in the world of physical retail to see what works. 

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One of the trends we’re seeing emerge is for brands to take their offering on a ‘retail roadshow’. By using our growing network of Sook spaces, we’ve seen businesses like Hydrafacial, Raspberry Pi and BoConcept take a tour of the country (or various locations around London), popping up north, south, east and west, making sure that their customers are feeling the love, wherever they are. 

They’re finding the premium, know-what-you’re-getting service that Sook’s offers fits perfectly with their hyper-flexible retail strategy: go where we’re wanted, connect, repeat. 

It’s not a new concept, but one that became untenable as the high street as we know it evolved to become institutions into which brands found themselves lease-locked for 15 years or more. We like to think we’ve come full circle, with free-spirits now having the tools to pack that bag, hitch a lift, and go where the wind takes them. 

Sound interesting? Here are some of the brands who are making the most of our growing network:

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi has now popped up with Sook in Oxford Street, Gateshead's Metrocentre and St James Quarter in Edinburgh, and will be returning to London later this year. Each time, the cult computer brand has driven large crowds of customers, all keen to get their hands on Raspberry Pi's latest tech. Look out for an interview with the brand later this month.


The premium facial brand is bringing its product to its customers by using multiple Sook spaces on a regular basis. The brand has now used Sook Cambridge, Gateshead, Edinburgh - and has even trialled the new Southampton space, ahead of launch. 

Fancy taking your brand on the open road? Sook is the digitally connected pop-up space provider that lets you experiment with physical retail and connect with your customers in a whole new way. Contact us to book now.

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