Jägermeister: How the spirit brand attracted crowds (and celebs) to its first-ever immersive pop-up event.

Jagermeister is an iconic global brand, specialising in premium spirits, with stockists worldwide. To raise brand awareness and create a social and PR moment, the brand launched the UK's first ever 'ICECOLD Supermarket' in Sook Oxford Street in London's West End.

Jagermeister ran a two-day pop-up event in Sook's flagship space, using a fully customised fit out to create a branded, immersive experience on the ground floor of the space, and a pop-up nightclub in the basement. The brand invited influencers, press and special guests to the event, driving huge queues along Oxford Street, as well as selling event-exclusive merchandise during its takeover.

"Iceland wouldn't let us have a rave in their supermarket, so we made our own. The ICECOLD Supermarket showcases Jägermeister's optimal serving temperature of -18 degrees. As Jägermeister is a brand best served Ice Cold, we couldn't think of a better setting for customers to fully immerse themselves with chilled surroundings, -18  temperatures and an ice cold secret in store." 

Peter Kennedy, Mast-Jägermeister Head of Digital, Culture and Events

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