Queue outside Sook Space on Oxford street during Jagermeister pop up

Jägermeister brings crowds to Oxford Street with the launch of an ICECOLD immersive brand experience.

Jägermeister is an iconic alcoholic beverage brand, with millions of customers world-wide. At Sook’s Oxford Street space, they created a world-class immersive brand experience, sharing their product served at its very best, which just happens to be -18 degrees – that really is ice-cold!

Jägermeister stockists couldn’t offer what was needed to create a truly immersive activation; pre-set store layouts and multiple brand occupation within the stockist space meant that they needed somewhere just for them – without the commitment of a traditional retail lease.

Event licensing laws restrictions, on-site alcohol consumption laws, opening hours restrictions, a license for a DJ to play music, and last but not least, not enough fridges available for Jägermeister’s sole use to get that perfect ice-cold temperature for people to enjoy their product at its best, were all on the laundry list of challenges they were facing to bring their vision to life if they worked within their existing distribution estate.

Sook solved all those challenges, providing a premium site on London’s iconic Oxford Street for their ICECOLD Supermarket to come to life. Jägermeister took advantage of the full custom fit-out option available at all Sook locations, branding the entire space over two floors, creating a bespoke pop-up event.

The store signage was customised for the ICECOLD Supermarket, with a fully branded shop front, including full window coverage with custom brand vinyls, the in-store screens displayed Jägermeister advertising content and brand messaging, the basement was made into a pop-up nightclub, complete with DJ equipment, and not forgetting, they were able to bring their custom ICECOLD fridges to keep their bottles of Jägermeister perfectly chilled, and stocked with some limited edition exclusive merchandise for visitors to the ICECOLD Supermarket.

Jägermeister sampled product with customers, sold limited edition merchandise exclusive to the event, and raised awareness of the Jägermeister brand with their target audience, including people who might be new to Jägermeister; all of which was widely shared across visitors’ social media channels.

The ICECOLD Supermaket was the final element of a strong influencer marketing campaign, featuring celebrity guests to further amplify the reach and awareness of the event. Press were invited and people queued out the door and down the road to come to join the party, with influencers and attendees sharing their experiences on social media, generating millions of impressions for the brand.


"Iceland wouldn't let us have a rave in their supermarket, so we made our own.

The ICECOLD Supermarket showcases Jägermeister's optimal serving temperature of -18 degrees. As Jägermeister is a brand best served Ice Cold, we couldn't think of a better setting for customers to fully immerse themselves with chilled surroundings, -18  temperatures and an ice cold secret in store."

Peter Kennedy, Mast-Jägermeister Head of Digital, Culture and Events

Collage of four shots from Jagermeister pop up at Sook Oxford Street including DJ set, jagermeister products in fridges
collage of four images from jagermeister ice cold pop up at Sook Oxford Street
Jagermeister stock on display in Sook's Oxford Street space including Jagermeister ice cream and branded t-shirts

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