Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi at Sook Oxford Street
How this cult computer brand drums up queues at every location of their UK pop-up tour

Raspberry Pi exists to achieve one key goal: to make computing accessible and affordable to all. The Raspberry Pi is a device that enables people of all ages to explore computing and to learn how to program in languages such as Scratch and Python. The cult brand has a vast array of products to choose from and with that comes queries, quandaries and questions from customers wanting to get their hands on the slice of Pi that suits them best. 

Raspberry Pi operates online only and has no platform to build connections with customers in real life. To combat this barrier to in real life connections the brand decided to take up shop in some of the UK’s busiest retail destinations with Sook. 

By touring the UK with Sook, Raspberry Pi were able to reach a multitude of customers to build relationships, provide hands-on demonstrations, direct customers to free resources to help with projects they are working on and answer questions face to face.

With the use of Sook’s modular furniture and digital screens as ‘living ads’ they were able to replicate the fit-out across all Sook sites and in doing so avoided the costs and waste associated with traditional pop-up activations. 

By popping-up for limited ‘pockets’ of time, they were able to drive hype and impressive footfall up and down the country generating an air of FOMO at activations across the country from Scotland to Southampton. Every time Rasperry Pi has hosted a pop-up at Sook there have been queues so to keep customers happy while they waited to enter the spacemembers of Raspberry Pi staff  handed out free special edition branded merchandise

Over the course of their pop-ups, Raspberry Pi generated significant press coverage, unlocked new local customers and built fresh brand awareness. 

“Having used Sook several times now, we’ve always found them to be very supportive of what we are looking to achieve from our pop-up stores. “It’s enabled us to meet our customers, and demonstrate our products in an immersive, hands-on way, which has been hugely beneficial. We thoroughly enjoy doing these events with Sook.”

Oli Wilkin, Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi collage of images in Oxford Street

Collage of images of raspberry pi's pop-ups in Oxford street with their samples and products and queues.

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