Sook Spotlight: Jagermeister turns Oxford Street Ice Cold

Jagermeister brings the crowds (and the celebs) to Sook Oxford Street.

Cult drinks brand Jagermeister opens the UK's first-ever IceCold Supermarket with Sook.

What do you get if you mix one of the world's best-known drinks brands with the UK's most innovative retail space? The first-ever IceCold Supermarket, which popped up on London's Oxford Street for two days only.

Crowds formed outside Sook's flagship space at 58 Oxford Street after teaser videos dropped on social media featuring award-winning actor, rapper, comedian and 'store manager' Michael Dapaah. Once inside, customers could explore the immersive supermarket - chilled to -18c, and stocked with all things Jagermeister - while the basement level became the home of the 'Freezer Room': London's coolest party, as celebrity DJs took to the decks and a mixologist served shots from the bar.

"Iceland wouldn't let us have a rave in their supermarket, so we made our own.

The ICECOLD Supermarket showcases Jägermeister's optimal serving temperature of -18 degrees. As Jägermeister is a brand best served Ice Cold, we couldn't think of a better setting for customers to fully immerse themselves with chilled surroundings, -18  temperatures and an ice cold secret in store." Peter Kennedy, Mast-Jägermeister Head of Digital, Culture and Events

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