Testing a new mens wellness concept with Sook.

3 employees of MEUS during their sook pop up sitting in front of MEUS logo on screen behind them

Lacking in self-care inspiration? Meet Meus. An exciting wellness platform, with a focus on men’s mental and physical health.

Mark White, the founder of Meus, created the app to act as a discovery channel to try new things in new ways, moving both the body and mind. We spoke to Mark to find out more, and how he used Sook to build the brand, create killer content and test the concept...

A New Experience

 “I discovered Sook through a friend, as I was looking for physical space to test the concept. This included inviting different trainers down to be filmed in a MEUS-branded environment. We booked out three days in the Sook space on South Molton Street in Mayfair.

After the success of these filming days we then had confidence to build a stronger plan to take the next steps with the business; this led us to finding our own space and commit to it for three years”.

Thinking about booking with Sook?

 “Just try it."

"Sook feels right and the pop-up vibe really gives access to a short-term way of thinking that can answer a lot of questions. It’s a great way to keep momentum with projects, test parts of the business, and also see your brand in lights. This gives further insight into how your business can look if things go to plan! The Sook team was great and made the whole experience a positive one."

Find out more about MEUS here, and click here to discover how you can test your concept with a pop-up at Sook.

man doing handstand on yoga mat during Meus pop up at Sook

Your Sook awaits. Decide where, when, and how much. It's easy and intuitive to get started.