Sook Spotlight: Proudly Naija pops up at Sook Oxford Street

Proudly Naija at Sook Oxford Street
Introducing the first in a series of pop-up events celebrating Nigerian creativity and craftsmanship: Proudly Naija at Sook, a platform for indigenous, ingenious and affordable luxury brands from Nigeria in the fashion, footwear, accessories, body care & arts industries all under one roof.

Taking place from Sunday 27th November to 4th December 2022 at Sook Oxford Street, customers can discover Nigerian brands including:

Fab Fabrics / Jon William: An exclusive men’s fabric store - with the JON WILLIAM brand as its accessories line - which manufactures and designs ready to wear, jewellery and accessories for men.

Needle Point: A lifestyle brand defined by its love for African culture and fashion. It focuses on the creation of contemporary ready-to-wear clothes in African print for women.

Modárà: Premium products for your body, skin and lifestyle created by combining the finest ingredients in nature, infusing time-tested practices of Africa, and integrating contemporary science. Products are handmade from ethically sourced ingredients in environmentally friendly packages.

Coco and Crumble London: A hand-crafted, eco-conscious home fragrance brand selling reed diffusers and candles.

Femi Famakinwa: A unique jewellery brand handmade and designed in Lagos, Nigeria. Working exclusively with semi-precious stones, Femi takes her inspiration from the many patterns and organic forms found in nature, the colourful harmonies of the African culture, and the creative beauty of the luxury fashion world.

Didi Creations: An affordable luxury brand that creates timeless classics and leather goods and accessories. Each piece is handcrafted using the finest ethically sourced raw materials with design inspirations drawn from colour, vintage pieces, African arts and culture. The Lower Level will be transformed into a mini gallery, displaying the works of three contemporary Nigerian artists:

Suraj Adekola: Through painting, installation, and drawing, Suraj uses elements of contemporary and historical material to explore themes of migration, diversity, integration, belonging, and identity politics.

Joel Arueya: He goes beyond the purely representational painting, his interest lying chiefly in the highly conceptual which is accentuated with a balance of deep undertone, expressive lines, form, texture and pattern. The results are emphatic mixed media paintings skilfully conveying both mood and message to date.

Olumide Oresegun: Olumide experienced an unbelievable sensation of neo classical and classical and contemporary art installation art when he visited ARCO 2009 exhibition. The detailing of Peter Paul Reuben mesmerised him to focus more on pushing realism to the stage of hyper realist by trying to create a barrier between realism and abstraction.

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