Sook Spotlight: Raspberry Pi returns to Sook Oxford Street

Raspberry Pi at Sook Oxford Street
Cult computer brand Raspberry Pi returned to Oxford Street after a successful tour of the UK using Sook spaces.

Iconic tech brand Raspberry Pi returned to Oxford Street at the end of October, as the finale to its year-long UK roadshow hosted in digitally-powered Sook spaces across the country.

Raspberry Pi held its first-ever pop up with Sook in 2021, and has since toured the UK in locations including Newcastle and Edinburgh. Each pop up has seen customers flock to the spaces, with huge queues out of the doors.

The sell-out pop-up event stocked branded merchandise, Raspberry Pi computers including Raspberry Pi 4, as well as a range of add-ons and accessories. Customers of all ages and abilities also had the chance to get hands-on with Raspberry Pi technology.

“Having used Sook several times now, we’ve always found them to be very supportive of what we are looking to achieve from our pop-up stores. “It’s enabled us to meet our customers, and demonstrate our products in an immersive, hands-on way, which has been hugely beneficial. We thoroughly enjoy doing these events with Sook.”

Oli Wilkin from Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi pop-up event at Sook Oxford Street

Raspberry Pi pop-up event at Sook Oxford Street

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