Sook Spotlight: Marmalade Collective and Black History Month

Sook is proud to partner with Marmalade Collective for the Beyond Black campaign during Black History Month.

graphic of Beyond Black culture in colour celebrating black history month

This Black History Month, Sook is proud to be partnering with Marmalade Collective on its Beyond Black and #CultureInColour campaign.

The Beyond Black campaign was birthed to highlight the presence of Africans, and shift the conversation from solely being defined by skin colour. This Black History Month, Marmalade Collective is working with Sook to focus on African culture, instead of colour.

"Here at Sook, we are delighted to support Marmalade Collective in bringing this vitally important campaign to life. We are proud to showcase the Beyond Black campaign imagery and content across Sook's digital screens, demonstrating how Sook can be used as a valuable out-of-home media platform to reach millions of people each day. We hope that you'll enjoy getting to know the stories from Beyond Black this Black History Month, and look forward to seeing the campaign culminate in a full-day event at Sook Shoreditch on Saturday 29th October." John Hoyle, CEO and Founder, Sook

To find out more, we spoke with Tola Alade, founder of Marmalade Collective.

“We want to focus on African culture and heritage, instead of colour and even race. That’s a core reason for Beyond Black."

"In doing this, we’re using fashion to highlight these cultures and heritage, especially because it is a core element that juxtaposes the message we want to pass across. Our fabrics, textiles, method of production, craftsmanship, prints, colours, and even designs, are explicitly significant to us, and can easily be used as a marker for our identification."

“We want to spotlight some fantastic African fashion and lifestyle brands by introducing them to a new audience.

"We see, know, and understand how much of an impact Sook has been in pushing narratives such as this. Our values, vision and mission statements are similar in more ways than one. This is why Marmalade Collective easily connected with Sook, with an intent on collaborating and bringing the conversation of being Beyond Black to as wide an audience as possible."

Through the BeyondBlack: Culture in Colour campaign, Marmalade and Sook will highlight the incredibly talented pool of African designers who are making both global and domestic impacts.

“The digital screens at Sook makes it possible to connect digital commerce to offline brick and mortar experiences in a seamless manner. As we showcase these designers and the diversity of traditional fashion from Africa and in the diaspora this Black History Month, we hope that you join us on this journey of discovery of those whose works are a reference to the past, but with a core focus on the present and future." 

To find out more, contact the team here.

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