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How Sook inspired Gen-Z brands to focus on in-person retail

Two depopers outside Studio 88 pop up posing in front of screen with their branding on it

Serial fashion entrepreneur Nicole Kim Stark is a regular at Sook St James Quarter, bringing her 'Glownic' brand from Depop - where it's one of the platform's most successful businesses - into the real world. Nicole is also the founder of events business Studio 88, and brings together multiple sustainable fashion brands in pop-up locations across Edinburgh.

We caught up with Nicole to find out more about her most recent experience with Sook...

From Depop to Pop-up

"My business is a small vintage shop where I sell pre-loved clothing dating from the '90s and 2000s. I love to find unique bits that can elevate my customer's wardrobes."

"I booked with Sook because their Edinburgh space has great footfall! Every event I’ve sold at had a steady stream of buyers, so I have peace of mind that people will visit."

"Sook has had a great impact on my shop, allowing me to reach loads of new customers. I would say Sook inspired me to focus more on in-person retail."

The future of IRL shopping?

"I’m currently planning more pop-up events with Sook - watch this space for more...

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