Treasures of Brazil

Bringing South America to Mayfair

Founder of treasures of brazil Dianne standing in doorway to sook oxford street during her pop up

For Daiane, the founder of Treasures of Brazil, her mission is to bring Brazilian-made, sustainable and eco-friendly products to the UK market, whilst supporting small, local communities in her native country. 

The brand specialises in unique jewellery and handbags, all handmade, using locally-sourced and sustainable materials. 

“I wanted to find something that combined my passion for fashion as well as maintaining close ties with my home country of Brazil and that's how Treasures of Brazil was born.”

Using Sook to showcase premium products, again and again

Daiane is a Sook regular, transforming our London spaces into a Treasures of Brazil 'IRL shop' on multiple occasions.

“I'd been following Sook for a long time and always wanted to use the space but wasn’t sure if it would work. I gave it a go and it was a game changer; the spaces are super practical and in great locations.”

I've done all sorts of pop-up shops, kiosks and craft shows, but Sook is the best fit for us. The main difference is being able to use the Sook visual displays - I find they really catch the customers' eye and draw people into the shop.

What does the future hold for Treasures of Brazil?

As the business goes from strength to strength, Daiane is focusing on repeating her Sook success, with a keen eye on how a physical store can have a positive impact on her online business too.

"I've now established a regular presence at the same location each month so I can build a returning client base. Those physical sales also drive visits to my Instagram & website where customers can buy online.” 

Thinking about booking a Sook? Daiane says…

“For a small, start-up business like mine - which couldn’t afford a full-time rental on a shop - Sook is the perfect solution."

We’re proud that we could deliver an outstanding experience for Treasures of Brazil, and that Daiane keeps coming back to repeat her success. Visit Tresaures of Brazil online here.

Founder of Treasures of Brazil standing smiling in entrance way to Sook space in Oxford Street during her pop up

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