Meeting 3,000 customers in two days

two girls posing in front of camera beside rails of clothing at remass pop up in Sook Oxford Street
How did the world's number 1 Depop seller go from an online platform to meeting 3,000 customers IRL over the course of one weekend? Simple: They popped-up with Sook in our Oxford Street space.

To find out more we spoke with Danielle Mass, founder of Remass, on the opportunities ahead for her and her brand, and how Sook helps play a part in their success.

"My company is called Remass. We sell vintage clothes & clothes handmade in London, which are inspired by the 90s and 2000s era, using end-of-the-line fabrics that would otherwise go to waste. Remass was founded 3.5 years ago from my bedroom, and we now have a team of seven young girls all working from our studio in north west London. We sell online - on our own website and on Depop, and we are currently ranked #1 worldwide on Depop, an app with 21 million users."

So why did Danielle decide to take her brand into the real world after achieving such success online?

"Sook is a great opportunity to take our online business to the ‘physical’ world and meet all our lovely followers and customers that support us day to day in real life. It’s an exciting day for both us and our customers - it’s a celebration for everyone. We got this pop-up sponsored by Jägermeister and had a photobooth so it was very fun! As well as shopping you get to have a fun day out and an experience, which is something that is super important to us." 

It’s also a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to new people who may have not heard about us through the online world and are just passing by on the street. Selling online is super different to selling in real life because you can have a physical interaction with someone - something you obviously can’t do online."

So how did the weekend go?

The pop-up was so fun and went well. I have definitely learnt how hard it is to run a physical shop, but also how important it is to physically interact with your customers - something that definitely can’t be done online. 

And what are Danielle's top tips for any brands thinking of doing the same and popping up with Sook?

It’s a great opportunity for your brand and a very big day - plan it well and be organised, and make the most of the space you’re occupying. It’s a big, exciting moment so make sure you take it in and enjoy the day! 

And finally, what are the future plans for Remass?

To grow :) My dream is that every girl walking down the street would recognise Remass if she saw it.

Find out more about Remass here, and click here to explore how you can use Sook to grow your brand.

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